Mouth ulcers causes

Mouth ulcers causes: what we believe

Our own research on mouth ulcers leads us to believe that:

Primarily, different diseases are the primary causes of mouth ulcers.

Secondly, for 8 out of 10 people, mouth ulcers are not linked to an initial oral problem but to a metabolic imbalance in the body. It is on this imbalance 'disorder' that we have focused our research and which we have tried to understand better in order to help people suffering from mouth ulcers.

Thirdly, the origins of this imbalance are probably multi-causal and are to some extent genetic.

What causes mouth ulcers is poorly understood. It is also unclear whether the three clinical presentations of the canker sores are manifestations of one single disease5.

Genetic mouth ulcers causes

Genetic causes of mouth ulcers

There is often a genetic basis for RAS (the scientific term for recurring canker sore). A given individual has a 90% chance to have mouth ulcers when both his parents have a history of RAS, are affected, but only 20% percent when neither parent has a history of mouth ulcers6.

mouth ulcers have no link with herpes though telling the two apart can sometimes be difficult5

Canker sores are not contagious. For some time it was thought that aphthous ulcerations were due to an L-form of Streptococcus since this organism was often isolated. A more common belief is that the lesions may become secondarily infected with streptococci5.

What causes mouth ulcers is not a precipitating factor

A precipitating factor is something that help mouth ulcers to start but it is not what causes mouth ulcers. The following potentially precipitating factors have been studied:

Recurring aphthous stomatitis is likely to affect HIV-positive patients as well as people undergoing chemotherapy.

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In Great Britain, 1.5 million people have mouth ulcers crisis more than once every two month

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Kiss whoever you want, mouth ulcers are not infectious