Cure mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers cure

Is there a way to cure mouth ulcers?

Most people suffering from mouth ulcers have a few ulcers a year. They have plenty of choice to find the right way to cure mouth ulcers as drugstore offer a variety of OTC topical cures. But some people suffer from chronic ulcers: they have at least 6 outbreaks per year (one every 2 month) and some have them continuously. For them the choice to find the right cures for mouth ulcers is way more complicated!

If you suffer from recurring mouth ulcers, the first thing to do is to visit your Doctor. Why? Because cancer of the mouth can sometimes start as a mouth ulcer that does not heal. To cure mouth ulcers, you’ll have several choices:

  • AftaZen is a systemic cure to prevent mouth ulcers for people suffering from recurring mouth ulcers. Its formulation helps to cure mouth ulcers without any side effects on the long term;
  • Corticosteroid based treatments are often proposed to limit inflammation, but you need to consider the side-effects of such treatments when used for extended periods, notably the risk of candidosis or mucosal atrophy;
  • Mouthwashes can help to avoid pain or prevent secondary infection but if used on an extended period, they can damage your mouth flora;
  • Colchicine is a medication that treats gout. In some cases it can be used to cure mouth ulcers. It can have strong side-effects on the long term;
  • Thalidomide is a medication that was withdrawn after being found to be a teratogen, which caused many different forms of birth defects. Under strict medical surveillance it can sometimes be used to cure mouth ulcers.
aftazen effective treatment against mouth ulcers

Results show a 80% Aftazen effectiveness in mouth ulcer treatment (*)

* post-treatment survey developped with 431 patients affected with
recurring aphthous stomatitis

Aftazen: mouth ulcer treatment discover our study on mouth ulcers
In Great Britain, 800 000 people have mouth ulcers more than once a month

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Kiss whoever you want, mouth ulcers are not infectious