Pricing policy

a few cents
A box of AftaZen contains 120 capsules or 2 months of treatment in recommended dosages and costs 29.99€ or 0.50€ daily.

For a one year treatment under recommended dosage, price of treatment amounts to less than 0.33 Euros per day for an adult, and less than 0.16 Euros per day for a child.

This price can diminish if you have discount coupons or if you buy several boxes together.

Compared with the real benefits for your quality of life in the daily, this cost is low.

For examples, taken in everyday life, this expense (for one box) is equivalent to using your mobile phone two minutes less every day, or if you smoke, to smoke two cigarettes less every day.

The average cost of daily treatments for different chronic affections varies according to the product you use, but as a matter of example (medicaments or dietary supplements).


Daily cost

Severe asthma

5 €

Joints pain

0,95 €

Menopause troubles

0,82 €


4,50 €

Aftazen: mouth ulcer treatment discover our study on mouth ulcers
In Great Britain, 1.5 million people have mouth ulcers crisis more than once every two month

Tip of the day:

Keep in mind that the origin of mouth ulcers might be a result of numerous factors